Quality is essential for the safety and the success of a product. Great prices are worth nothing if the customer has to buy twice. So, we work hard every day to improve both – quality and price – and find the right balance.


With external support of our partners for third party certification, we set and follow industry standards like ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications in our factories in China. Additionally we have our export products certified by third parties, too. CE and UL standards are minimum requirements of all major OEMs. All products are tested in prototypes and 0-series together with the customer, especially when customized versions apply.


Wherever possible the Cooper Group counts on modern machinery to make its products. Modern machines ensure higher quality and higher efficiency.


Human resource management that focusses on the people who give their very best day by day helps us to keep the staff happy and establish long-term employments. So, quality in the Cooper Group is backed by a young but experienced team of experts with great knowledge about the market and its requirements.